• California VA Loan 

    The RTC Mortgage California VA Loan is available for veterans looking to refinance or purchase their home. 

    For a no doc refinance option, see VA Streamline refinance.

    There are several reasons why a VA Loan may be preferable to a standard loan. Most importantly, upon qualification, you may obtain a VA Loan even if you do not qualify for other types of loans.

    VA Loan Benefits:

    0% down 

    No monthly mortgage insurance (PMI)

    Discounted interest rates

    No cash due at closing possible

    Flexible underwriting

    Great for first time home buyers

    California VA Jumbo Loan

    VA is not just for the First-time home buyer. Are you shopping for a California Jumbo loan and a veteran of the U.S. Armed forces?

    California VA Jumbo Loan Features:

    VA Jumbo loans up to $1,000,000

    No monthly mortgage insurance (PMI)

    Discounted interest rates

    Flexible underwriting

    VA Jumbo Loan Down Payment Options:

    The VA jumbo loans offer low down payment options. These loans require 25% down for any amount over the conforming loan limit.

    A sampling of California conforming loan limits*:
    Orange County   $679,650
    Los Angeles County $679,650
    San Diego County $649,750
    Riverside County $453,100
    *For a complete list of California conforming loan limits by county, click here.

    How to calculate the minimum down for your California Jumbo loan:

    Calculation Example: Orange County $1,000,000 purchase

    Subtract the purchase price from the applicable state conforming loan limit: Orange County $679,650.

    - $679,650 
    = $320,350

    $320,350 x 25% = $80,087.50

    The minimum down for an Orange County $1,000,000 purchase financed with VA jumbo loan is $80,087.50.

    COMING SOON! VA Renovation Loan

    The new VA Renovation Loan allows veterans to finance 100% of both a home purchase and up to $35,000 of renovations of that home simultaneously.

    The home must be complete with a Certificate of Occupancy and repairs are limited to cosmetic updates & improvements and mechanical repairs. No structural repairs are allowed. All repairs must be completed within 90 days of loan closing.