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California Home Loan Programs

It may take some time to understand all of your loan choices and to figure out which one may best fit your situation. We’ll help you gain an understanding of the loans that are available and give you the information you need to make decisions based on your best interests. The following guide will help you to determine the minimum down and the corresponding loan programs available for your loan scenario.

• Minimum down
• Maximum loan amount
• Loan Program

Minimum DownMaximum LoanLoan ProgramOccupancy
0%up to $453,100*VA loanPrimary Residence
Loan Amounts**up to $1,000,000VA loanPrimary Residence
0%up to $453,100*USDA loanPrimary Residence
3%up to $453,100*Home Possible®Primary Residence
3%up to $453,100*HomeReadyPrimary Residence
3.50%up to $679,650***FHA loanPrimary Residence
5%up to $453,100*ConventionalPrimary Residence
5%up to $2,500,000Portfolio No MIPrimary Residence
20%up to $2,000,000Portfolio JumboPrimary Residence
25%up to $2,500,000Portfolio JumboPrimary Residence
30%up to $3,000,000Portfolio JumboPrimary Residence
40%up to $4,000,000Portfolio JumboPrimary Residence
10%up to $453,100*ConventionalSecond Home
20%up to $1,000,000Portfolio JumboSecond Home
25%up to $1,500,000Portfolio JumboSecond Home
30%up to $2,000,000Portfolio JumboSecond Home
40%up to $4,000,000Portfolio JumboSecond Home
20%up to $453,100*ConventionalInvestor
25%up to $1,000,000Portfolio JumboInvestor
30%up to $1,500,000Portfolio JumboInvestor
35%up to $2,000,000Portfolio JumboInvestor

Loan amounts up to $20,000,000 are available on a case-by-case basis.

*$453,100 is the max conforming loan amount for the State of California. See below for a sample list of Southern California County loan limits. If your county is not included below, see the complete list of maximum conforming loan limits by county.

**VA Jumbo – The minimum down for a VA Jumbo is 25% of any amount over $453,100*.

***$679,650 is the max loan amount for FHA loans in Orange County. Please click here for a complete list of lending limits for FHA loans in all California counties.

Loan Programs

Portfolio Jumbo Loans
$453,101 and up

Agency Loans
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, & USDA

Government Loans

Portfolio Loans
Non-agency and non-government

Loan Terms

Government Loan Terms
VA and FHA
30yr fixed
5/1 ARM

30yr fixed

Conventional Loan Terms
30yr fixed
15yr fixed
10yr ARM
7yr ARM
5yr ARM
3yr ARM

Portfolio Loan Terms
30yr fixed
15yr fixed
10yr ARM
7yr ARM
5yr ARM
3yr ARM
1yr ARM

Loan Limits

State of California Loan Limits

1 unit2 units3 units4 units

*Southern California County Loan Limits – Agency Jumbo

Orange County
1 unit2 units3 units4 units
Los Angeles County
1 unit2 units3 units4 units
San Diego County
1 unit2 units3 units4 units
Riverside County
1 unit2 units3 units4 units