Reverse Mortgages Have Surged in Popularity

//Reverse Mortgages Have Surged in Popularity

Reverse Mortgages Have Surged in Popularity

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Why Reverse Mortgages Have Surged in Popularity:

1. 90% of Seniors want to age in their own home
2. 83% of Americans have not saved enough for retirement
3. People are living longer/outliving their money
4. Consumers are becoming educated to improvements to the Reverse Mortgage program
5. More Financial Advisors are touting the benefits of the Line of Credit feature that grows in value over time – providing access to more money for the senior homeowner in the future

California Leads the Nation. Why?

  1. Demographics: California has the Largest Population with 14% Over 65 Years of age
  2. Real Estate Market: High Home Valuation Appreciation / Lots of Equity
  3. Low Affordability / Low Inventory
  4. Taxes: Low property taxes thanks to Proposition 13 keeps people in their homes longer plus, owners face large Capital Gains taxes if they sell
  5. High Cost of Living: People need more money to live on than other state

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